Luck chain letter. Prosperity type. " ... who supplies all our meals." "The theory is that this arouses a definite medium."  US, 1933.
We trust in God; the Father, wo supplies all our meals.
Follow these by send to five names you wish to prosper. Chain was started by an American colonel. Must be copied within twenty-four hours. This procedure will bring prosperity within nine days after mailing.
A Mrs. Anderson received $3,000 after mailing. A Mrs. Horn who broke the chain, lost all her possessions.
The theory is that this arouses a definite medium. The power of words cannot be denied. Copy all the writing, omitting the first name name and adding your own at the bottom.

Published: The Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Missouri), April 2, 1933, p. 16.
Column: The Spectator by Harry W. Mayo.
"Here's one of the letters, received last week by a Sedalia woman ..."   [text].
Sic: "meals", "Follow these", "send" for "sending", and simplifications, possibly in transcribing.  Probably had a controlled list.
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