Luck chain letter.  Prosperity type. "Have trust in God, who supplies all our needs." - Earliest quota five prosperity type (standard).  US, 1932.
Have trust in God, who supplies all our needs. - Prosperity Circle

 ["Five names follow the last name, which is dropped and you place your own name and send to five others."]

Follow by sending to the houses of five you wish to prosper. This chain was started by an American colonel and must be opened within 24 hours. This will bring prosperity to you within 9 days after mailing.
Mrs. Andres received $1,000 after mailing. Mrs. Langford received $3,000 9 days after mailing. Mrs. House broke the circle and lost all her possessions.
The theory is that this gets up a definite and possessive radio. The power of these repeated over cannot be denied. Please omit the first name and add your own last.

Published: The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Canada), 10 Dec. 1932, p. 8. Letter to editor, title: "The Old 'Chain' Game." "I have received two 'Prosperity Circle' letters and to save me I do not see what is accomplished by them. The contents of each of these two letters read the same;"  Entered by DWV, Jan. 7, 2014.


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