Luck Chain Letter. Like prosperity type. No title, "prosper", copy quota 9, modified affirmation, testimonials, list (undescribed). US, 1932

Follow this link chain by sending nine homes your wishes to prosper. This chain was started by an American colonel and must be copied within 24 hours after receiving. It will bring good luck to your home nine days after mailing. Faith and happiness are involved.

   Mr. E. A. Spencer received $2,000 nine days after mailing.
   Mrs. Forest Fort received $3,000 and Mrs. Frame, who broke the chain, lost everything.

Let your good wishes go with this as you send it out.  Wish everybody good luck and it will return to you.

Copy this and add your name to the list.

[list of names]

Published: The San Bernardino County Sun, 17 July, 1932, page 32.  Entered by DWV, 11/28/2013. Found using


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