Luck chain letter. Like Prosperity type. Copy quota 9. Deadline 29 hours. Wait 9 days. Testimonials. Latent list.  US, 1931?

  Follow up as I do by writing 9 copies
to 9 people you wish to prosper. This
chain was started by an American
Colonel and must circle around
the globe 15 times. Follow up in
29 hrs if possible. Do not break the
chain as it will bring bad luck to you.
Good Luck will come to you in 9 days.
    Mrs. Lockery Dolories won $2000 in 9 days
    Mrs D. Ford won 3600 on a Lottery ticket
    Mrs Trouson broke the chain and
     lost her fortune

[........................ page break .........................]
    Have faith your happiness is involved.
Follow up as I do by writing your
name on the last line.
                            Bertha C. Hess.

Written in blank ink on a 6 1/2" by 5 3/4 sheet of unlined paper. One vertical side torn. Numerous pencil computations and five pointed stars written in pencil on both sides of the paper. No envelope. Lines preserved. Definitely sent during or after 1927, probably before 1933. Purchased on eBay, 8/2009. Entered by DWV, 8/9/2009.


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