Luck chain letter.  Flanders type. Affirmation: "It is wonderful how the chain ..."  Quota 5.  US, 1927.
The good luck chain of Flanders was sent to me by somebody and I am sending this to you so the chain will not be broken.  Copy in 24 hours and send to someone who you wish good luck. The chain was started by an American officer in Flanders, and is going around the world three times.
The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck. It is wonderful how the chain will bring good luck to people who copy this notice, which happens in four days after sending this off. It will bring you good luck. Send this and four other copies. Do not keep this one.

Published: Milford Mail, 16 May 1929, p. 1. Found using the Newspaper Archives. Entered by DWV on Dec. 2,  2013.


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