Luck chain letter.  Flanders type - chain of good luck.  "It is remarkable when the prediction has been fulfilled."  US, 1929.
This was sent to me as I am sending it to you, so don't break the chain of good luck. Copy this letter within twenty-four hours and send it to five friends you wish good luck as I am wishing you. This chain was started in Flanders, Germany. It shall go around the world three times.

Do not break it or you will have bad luck. The fourth day after you send this you will have good luck. It is remarkable when the prediction has been fulfilled. So send it and see what happens. Also, send this one and four others. Don't keep this one in your home for more than twenty-four hours.

Published: The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri), 2 May 1929, p. 14. Title: "The Chain Letter Nuisance" - letter to editor. Entered by DWV, Dec. 2, 2013.

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