Luck Chain Letter. "The Hindu chain of good luck."  "This ... with four other copies ..."  "Beware"  US, 1929
The Hindu Chain of Good Luck
Copy this letter and send it to five friends within twenty-four hours to whom you wish good luck. This chain started in India and shall go around the world three times. Don't stop it or you will have bad luck.
It is positively remarkable how this prediction has been fulfilled so send it and see what happens on the tenth day after mailing.
This letter must be sent by you to dear friends with four other copies.
Positively do not keep this letter or any copies of it, but send them on.
Remember bad luck to you and your dearest friends if this is not fulfilled.

Published: Oskosh Daily Northwester (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), 19 Feb. 1929. Title: "Good Luck Chain Letter Is Again in Circulation." Another fad "several months ago". No signature at end (no list). Entered by DWV, Nov. 30, 2013.


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