Luck chain letter.  The Flanders Chain of Good Luck.  "Pass this on and three copies."  US, 1927.
The Flanders Chain of Good Luck
This letter of good luck was sent to me by a friend. I am sending it to you, so as not to break the chain. Copy this and send it to four persons whom you wish good luck. This chain was sent by an American officer in France and should go around the world three times. Do not pause or you will have bad luck.
On the fourth day of sending you will have good luck. It is positively remarkable how the good luck has been fulfilled since the chain began, so send this away. See what happens on the fourth day. Pass this on and three copies. Do not keep it in the house.

Published: New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania), 4 June 1927. "Title: Bad Luck to Them!  Entered by DWV, Dec. 20, 2013.


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