Luck chain letter.  Nested Good Luck.  Expanded linkage. Affirmation. Closing. Incipient lists. Quota nine.  US, 1926.
Mr. Morris Rose has sent me this Good Luck Letter and I am sending it on so as not to break the chain of good luck.  Among others, I am sending it to you and ask you, as I have been asked, not to break the chain. Copy this and send it to nine person to whom you wish good luck. Write nine letters and send them within twenty-four hours. The chain was started by an American officer and should go around the world three times. Do not break the chain, for whoever does will have bad luck. Count nine days and you will have some good luck in that time. This prediction has been fulfilled since this chain was started. With success for you and yours, let us go smiling through 1926. . .
Peter S. Dohm to Heywood Broun.

Published: Reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania), 31 Aug. 1926, p. 6.  Column: It Seems to Me by Heywood Broun. "That I shall have bad luck after breaking the chain I do not doubt. It is the good luck in the promise which leaves me skeptical. According to Mr. Dohm, I must wait nine days, which is much too long, and in addition lands me in the middle of the week when there are no poker games."
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