Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer postcard. Copy quota seven. England, 1925.

The endless chain of Prayer
God bless our soldiers & sailors  
and keep them in the hollow of
His Hand.
The above has been sent me &
has been all over the world.
Send it to 7 different people
& on the 7th day you will receive
some joy.
Copy this & see what happens.
It is said all who send this
receive some very good luck
or joy. Those who pass it by
receive misfortune.
Send one each day, please
don't break the chain as
it started on the battlefield
of Flanders.  

Picture postcard (Monte Carlo, The Theater and Terraces). Message on divided back. Postmarked in Sevenoaks, UK, on Feb. 8, 1925. Addressed to Miss Gilbert, Oakleigh, Fanshawe R- 5, Hertford. Lines preserved. Supplied as JPG scans by Nick Barker. Entered 10/17/03 by DWV.


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