Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer.  Ten copies. "Let thy loving face shine upon us, "  "... put the date when you got it."   US, 1923.
O! Lord be merciful unto us.
Let Thy loving face shine upon us, and let Thy blessings be upon us.
This prayer was to me, and is going around the world.
It was sent in Jesus' time and who fails to send it on will meet with great misfortune.
Copy this letter and send it to ten f
riends within ten days.
See then what will happen.
Great joy will come to you on the eleventh day.
Please do not break this chain. Put no name on the letter, but put the date when you got it.

Published: Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, Iowa), March 18, 1924, p. 13.  Title: Post Office Swamped by Chain Letters; 250 Are Destroyed Here.  "Mails Have Been flooded With Such Letters for Over a Week."  "This is the first time in several years that there has been a noteworthy attempt to circulate these letters thru the mails." "It is against the law to send 'chain' letters thru the mail, and whenever we detect these letters we send them to the dead letter office, declared [the Davenport postmaster]."  Entered by DWV, Jan. 3, 2014.


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