Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer.  "Oh Lord be merciful to us."  Quota ten.  US, 1924.
Oh Lord be merciful to us. Let thy loving face shine and thy loving breath be around all nations.
This was sent to me and is to go around the world.  It was first sent in Christ's time and all who pass it be will meet with great misfortune. Copy and send 10 friends in 10 days and see what happens in the tenth day. Do not break the chain.  

Published: The Independent Record (Helena, Montana), 4 March 1924, p. 4. "It is interesting to surmise that this modern outbreak of medieval superstition had its origin in some obscure individual. Unknown, unhonored and unsung and unable to achieve power or prominence by ordinary means, he, it may be imagined, adopted this plan of compelling a nation to do his will." Entered by DWV, Dec. 3, 2013.


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