Luck chain letter (postcard). Late Ancient Prayer. "...let Thy loving Face Shine upon all nations." Ten copies. US, 1924.

Oh Lord be merciful unto us &
let thy loving face Shine upon all
the nations.  This was sent to
me - is to go around the world.
It was sent in Jesus time
& all who passed came with
misfortune. Copy it, send
it to ten persons within
ten days & see what happens
on the eleventh day.
Great joy will come unto
you.  Please do not break
the chain. Sign no name
just date    Rec 2-12-24.

Handwritten in black ink on half of address side of divided back picture postcard ("Ellis Island. New York"). Addressed to Mrs Ed St. John, Opportunity, Wn. No return address. Postmarked on Feb. 28, 1924 in Opportunity, Wash. Lines preserved. Ebay lot 2153415570 closed 1/15/2003. Provided by Linda Wood. Entered by DWV on 1/22/03.


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