Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer type. Copy quota ten. Received Jan. 29, 1924.  US, 1924.
Received January 29, 1924
O Lord, be merciful to me. Let thy loving face shine on us. Let thy Brethren among all nations. Amen.
This prayer was sent to me and it is to go around the world. It was [sent] in Jesus time and all who fail to send it on will meet with some misfortune. Copy and send to ten of your friends and see what happens to you on the eleventh day. Please do not break this chain. Sign no name, just the date when received.

Published: Rushville Daily Republican (Rushville, Indiana), Feb. 7, 1924, p. 1. Title: Chain Prayer Breaks Loose Again And Is Detected at the Postoffice. "They are consigned do the 'dead letter' office in Washington to rest in peace."
Above, "Let thy Brethren among all nations" is likely a corruption of "Let thy blessing be among all nations", see [1924]. I have added "sent" as above, but this itself was once a miscopy of  "It was said in Jesus time that all who ..."  Entered by DWV, Jan. 3, 2014.


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