Luck chain letter (published).  Good luck type. Had long X to Y list. US (?), 1923.

                GOOD LUCK.
  Copy this in full and send to nine
friends to whom you wish good luck.
  This chain, started by an American
officer, should go round the world three
   Do not break this chain, for whoever does
will have bad luck.
   Do it within twenty-four hours and count
nine days.
   You will then have some great fortune.
   Remember, if you believe it, it is so.

Quoting E.V. Lucas in Luck of the Year, ("The Snowball," Methuen, 1923): "'What,' said he, 'am I to do about this?' and he handed me a flimsy sheet of paper, typewritten, with a long list of names on it, each joined by the word 'to.' The last two names were written by hand, the last of all being his own. At the foot of the names were these instructions."


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