Luck Chain letter (postcard).  Good Luck type - English language. Postcard mailed from Netherlands. 1922.

Good Luck.
   Copy this out and send it to nine people to whom you wish "good luck."
   The chain was started by an American Officer and should go round the world 3 times.
   Do it within 24 hours and in round nine days you will have some great good fortune.

Handwritten vertically in black ink on back of government issue postcard mailed from Osterwijk, Netherlands on Oct. 2, 1922.  Addressed to Mrs. Jere Colman, The Irvington, Arlington, Mass. "Vereenisde Staten" written below address.  No return address. Reformatted - original in 15 lines. Collected by VanArsdale. Ebay lot 1219087789. Digitized 4/26/2001.


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