Luck chain letter. Good luck type. No names. "Lets all go smilin through 1922." US, 1922.

          Good Luck!!!!
Copy this and send to
nine people whom you
wish Good Luck. The chain
was started by an American
Officer and should go
around the world three times.
Do not break the chain
for whoever does will have
bad Luck. Do it within
24 hours and count 9 days
and you will have some
good fortune.
Let's all go "Smilin" thru 1922.

Handwritten in black ink. Envelope mailed Aug. 16, 1922 from Louisiana, Mo. to Mrs. Glenn Bramblett of Hannibal, Mo. (% Star Theatre).  Postage: 2 cents. No return address.  Lines preserved. "Smilin' Through" was a hit movie released on Feb. 13, 1922. Collected by VanArsdale.


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