Luck chain letter (postcard).  Good Luck type. Ends: "The above letter was received by me ..."  US, 1922.
Dear Sarah:     7/13/22
              Good Luck
Copy this and send it to 9
people whom you wish good
luck. The chain was started
by an American officer and
should go 3 times around
the world. Do not break
the chain for whoever will
have bad luck. Do it
within 24 hours and wait
9 days and you will have
some very good fortune.
The above letter was received
by me and I am sending
                    it on to you.

Picture postcard (Mauser's Best flour advertisement) postmarked in Norhampton, PA on July 13, 1922. Addressed to Mrs. Amanda Jacoby, Northampton, Penna., R.F.D. #1.  No return address. Written in grayish ink. Lines preserved above. Sic "whoever will" omits "does". Last sentence may be an incorporated postscript here. This "linkage" statement was relocated to the start of subsequent chain letters and replicated. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV on 9/14/2013.


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