Luck chain letter (published). Good luck type. Ring Lardner. US, 1922.

Good Luck
Copy this and send to nine people you wish good luck. The chain was started by an American officer and should go three times around the world.
    Don't break the chain for whoever does will have bad luck. But do it in 24 hours and count nine days and you will have good fortune.

From The Portable Ring Lardner, "On Chain Letters", by Ring Lardner. Published in 1946 but this piece from Bell Syndicate "Ring Lardner's Weekly Letter" of Aug. 6, 1922. He received 12 of these "since the summer." Lardner concludes: "Then comes the signature of the party that sent it to you and sometimes they's a whole lot of other names of people . . . and once in a while they's a name of somebody you know." Original source information supplied by Scott Topping.


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