Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer. "... to some relative or lady friend who is married"  US, 1921.
   The endless chain of prayer.
"God bless our Soldiers and Sailors, and
keep them in the hollow of thy hand."
   This prayer rec'd by me Mar 5 - 1921
   Copy it and send one out each day for
seven days to some relative or lady friend,
who is married and It is said all who
copy it and dont break the chain will on
the seventh day meet with some great
happiness or joy. and those who dont
   It originated on the fields of Flanders
where our great battles were fought.
so please copy it and dont break the chain

Handwritten letter in black ink on 71/4 by 5 3/4 inch unlined paper. Envelope postmarked in Meadville, PA on Mar 14, 1921. No return address. Addressed to Mrs Ruby Leonard, Poplar St., Meadville, Pa in four lines. Purchased on eBay. Lines preserved. Sic dont (3), Missfortune. Entered by DWV, 2/21/2019.


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