Luck chain letter.  Ancient prayer type. "The endless chain of God"  Copy quota seven.  US, 1920.

     the endless chain of God

Bless our Soldier and Sailor
Boys and Keep them in the
hollow of thy hand
this is Said to have Bin
a round the world
Copy and see what happens
on the 7 th day  it is said
all Who Write it Will be
taken car of  all who do not
Will meet With Some
misfortune  Send this to
7 married women and
on the 7 th day  You will
meet with great joy
Start the day you
received this and Send
one every day  untill
you have  Sent 7
---------- over -------------
Please do not breake
this chain  it is Said
to have originated on the
field of flanders
 copy and Sign your

      Mrs Maggie Smith

Envelope postmarked in Sherman, Texas on Nov. 22, 1920.  Addressed to Mrs. Uma Smith, Post Oak, Jack tea, Texas (?). Written in pencil on two sides of a 8" x 5" sheet of lined paper. No return address. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, 2-12-2018.


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