Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer.  Masonic.  "... on the tenth day you will find some great joy."  US, 1920.
Oh, Lord, I implore Thee to bless all mankind, and bring us to dwell with thee.
This prayer was said by Masons in ancient times. All who write it will be free from calamity and all who do not pass it on will be in danger of misfortune. It is to be passed around the world at this time. Copy it and send it to nine of your friends and on the tenth day you will find some great joy. Do not break the chain.

From: Attica Daily Tribune (Attica, Indiana), 19 Aug. 1920, p. 7. Title: "Masons Warn Against Chain Prayer Letter". Subtitle: "Efforts Being Made to Stamp Out Scheme Just Now Being Promoted."  Entered by DWV, Dec. 10, 2013.


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