Luck chain letter (published). Ancient Prayer ("Red Cross"). Victory prayer. US, 1917.

                            RED CROSS CHAIN

"The Lord, Jesus we implore Thee to give victory to the Allies."

Please copy this and send it to some person each day for nine days,
beginning the day you receive this. Please do not break the chain,
as it was sent from Russia and Scotland to ninety around the world.

It was said that all who passed it by met with misfortune, and all who
sent it would be free from calamity. On the ninth day you will hear of
some great joy.

Do not forget this day for the next nine days.

New York Times letter to the editor, Nov. 26, 1917 (page 12, col 6). Mrs. Benhall of Beachhurst, Long Island complains of the above letter. My format. Close to le1917-12_ap_victory_e.


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