Chain letter (postcard). Ancient prayer. "Red Cross Chain" US, 1917.

                   Red Cross Chain             
Our American Prayer
      Oh Lord Jesus we implore
Thee to bless all mankind
and bring victory to our
   This prayer was sent to
us from Russia to be sent
around the world. Please
copy it and send it to nine
different friends every day
for nine days & in nine
days you will receive
some great joy. It was
said that all who read
this would be free from
all calamities & all who
passed it by would be

meet with some  great
   Please do not forget
when your nine days
are up and do not break
this chain. This begins
when you read it.


Government issue postal card. Written in black ink on undivided back. Postmarked in East Douglas, Mass. on Oct. 12, 1917. Addressed to Mrs. May Putman, Sutton, Mass. (% Mr. Phelps). No return address. Lines preserved. Entered by DWV, 1-7-2011.


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