Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer. Prayer is at end. Copy quota seven. "It was said in olden times ..."  US, 1917.
This prayer was sent to me and is to be sent all over the world. Copy and see what happens.  It was said in the olden times that those who wrote it were free from calamity and those who passed it by, met with some misfortune. Copy and send to some person, one each day, beginning the day you receive this, and on the seventh day you will receive some blessing.  Please do not break the chain.

Published: Middletown Times-Press (Middletown, New York), Sept. 27, 1917.  CHAIN LETTER IS AGAIN ON ROUNDS.  This Happened to be Prayer for Soldiers. "The 'chain letter writers' still persist in continuing their practices, working on the feelings of the superstitious, who, for fear of some 'great calamity,' obediently copy the missives which are sent them, paying their postage and sending them on, despite the fact that in the variety of forms which the instigators of the chain letters operate, they have been exposed again and again."  "The letter reads as follows:" [text]   Entered by DWV, July 23, 2014


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