Luck chain letter. "America Chain Prayer." Seven copies. US, 1917.

      "America Chain Prayer,"

Lord I implore you, Bless
our Soldiers and Sailors, and
keep them from all harm,
And bring them to rest
with thee.  "Amen"

This prayer has been sent
all over the world. Copy it
and see what will happen.
It was sent in ancient
times, and all who wrote
it was supposed to be safe
from all harm.  And all
who passed it by met
with great misfortune.

........[page break]......

Send it to seven people
one each day. The seventh
day you will meet with
great joy. Start the
day you get this, and
please don't break the
chain. This is as it was
sent to me. I pass it
on to you
         God bless our boys
                Sade Kraus

Written in black ink on 6 7/16 by 10 3/16 inch unlined paper (watermarked Lord Baltimore Linen). Landscape format, paper is folded twice, text on inside of first fold. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Raymond Bush, Lebanon Ind., RR # (no route given). Postmarked in Sheridan, Ind., Aug. 31, 1917. The "7" in the year is barely legible, but "7" is confirmed by comparison letters (Red Cross Chain, Oct. 1917). In with a lot of old letters to the Bush family in Lebanon, Indiana. Entered by DWV, 2/14/2008.


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