Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer postcard. "see what will happen." US, 1916.

       An Ancient prayer

  The Lord Jesus I pray thee
Keep us from All Evil and
learn us to live in peace
With thee"
         This prayer was sent
to me and is being sent
all over the world "Copy and see
what will happen" It was said
in Ancient times that
whoever copied would be
delivered from all evil: but
whoever passed it by would
recieve some great misfortune
copy it 9 days and send to
9 friends, and on the 10" day
you will recieve some great
joy. Sign no name only
address card:
                  Please do not
break the chain

Government issue postal card mailed April 17, 1916 from Schachticoke, New York to Mrs. Samuel Barybel (?) also of Schachticoke (R.F.D.). Script writing on back. Lines preserved. Obtained by VanArsdale from John Stefanov, Akron, Ohio. 


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