Luck chain letter.  "An Ancient Prayer"   Starts with letter about receipt of prayer & instructions.  US, 1916.
Dear Friend: I have received the following from a close friend of mine, who in turn has received it from another friend, and so on through a long list of friends who have passed it along with the request that each in turn send it to nine persons in nine days. I am complying with the request and am inclosing this to you as one of my nine friends.
I sincerely trust that you will be the recipient of the blessing which is said to come from this transfer.
     Very respectfully yours, _______

An Ancient Prayer
Oh, Lord, I implore thee to bless all mankind: bring us to thee; keep us to dwell with thee.
This prayer is to be sent all over the world. It was said in ancient days that all who wrote it would be free from calamity and all who passed it would meet with some calamity or misfortune.
Copy it and send it to nine friends and on the tenth day you will meet with some great joy.
Don't break the chain.

Published: The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri),  Feb. 23, 1916, p. 11.
A Promised Blessing and a Threatened Curse Keep Letter Going.
Millions of Persons Have Received the Communication Which Carries With It a Command to Pass It On to Nine Other Persons.
From the Boston Globe. "One little chain prayer has cost this country millions of dollars.  Impossible! you say? Not a bit of it. The Rev. Nichols van de Pyl of Haverhill made the statement and easily proved it. It's about a 2 to 1 chance that some time during the last ten years you have received the following letter:"  [text]  
"I have made it my business recently to inquire of men and women if they have received one of these letters, and I have found but two out of fifteen or twenty I have asked who have not received one. About half of those who have received them have passed them on. ¶ ¶ ¶ ... The other day a man, who had become crippled through accident a few years ago, telephoned me. He had once received one of these letters and had broken the chain; he said that ever since he had thought that the break might have been the cause of his accident. He seemed to take a great pleasure in having me say that I thought there was nothing to such prayer. ¶ Last week a public stenographer in Boston wrote me stating that no less than four persons had come to her to have these chain letters written. One of these was the wife of a prominent attorney who was an exceptionally well educated and bright woman."
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