Luck chain letter.  "An Ancient Prayer"  "Oh, God, I beseech Thee, bless all mankind."  "... said in Jerusalem."  US, 1915.
An Ancient Prayer
Oh, God, I beseech Thee, bless all mankind.
This prayer was sent to me and it is to be sent around the world. It is said in Jerusalem that if a person would send it to nine people in nine days that on the tenth day he would enjoy happiness, and that whoever passed it by suffered calamity.
Do this, and do not break the chain. This is not to be signed.

Published: The Chanute Daily Tribune  (Chanute, Kansas), Dec. 11, 1915 . p. 1.
Much Briefer Than the One Circulated Here Ten Years Ago.
"Another 'chain' prayer has invaded Chanute and is being energetically circulated. ... The form of the present prayer is as follows:"  [text]
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