Luck Chain Letter - Ancient Prayer. "Do not affix your name to your letters."  US, 1915.

An Ancient Prayer

+ + +

Oh, Lord! We implore Thee to
bless all mankind
Bring us to Thyself: keep us
  to dwell with Thee
      + + +
    This prayer was sent to
me by some friend and it
is to be sent by the chain
letter system to all the
world.  It was said in
ancient times that all

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who wrote it to others would
be free from all calamity -
that all who passed it by
would be visited with
misfortune. Please copy
the prayer and send it to
nine different friends in the
ensuing nine days and on
the tenth day you will re-
ceive great joy.  Please do
break the chain and
do not affix your name
to your letters - just

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conclude them with the
date this letter was received.
I received mine -
      May 20, 1915

Handwritten letter in black ink on once folded 6 1/2 by 5 inch unruled paper. Small envelope postmarked in Newark, Ohio on May 20, 1915. Addressed to Miss Reba Jury, Jackonstown (sic), Ohio, Licking County. Back postmarked in Jackontown on May 21. Acquisition information lost on this item.  Digitized on June 8, 2013 by DWV.


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