Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. "See what happens . . ."  US, 1915.

                                                                             May 11, 1915

                               Ancient Prayer.

Oh Lord we pray thee to be blessed, and keep me from all evil.  Bring us
to dwell with thee amen.

This prayer was sent to me and is being sent all over the world.  Copy it
and see what will happen.  It was said in Jesus time that all who wrote it
would be blessed and all who passed it by would meet with some great
misfortune.  Copy it send to nine friends within nine days and on the tenth
day you will meet with some great joy.

Sign no name only date received.  Do not break the chain.
Do not alter words.

Received May 5/1915.

Postcard postmarked Harrison Cal, May 12, 1915. Format unknown, text is taken from an ebay lot description (lot no. 1152952897). Obverse of postcard has picture of the St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, after the fire of April 18-20, 1906. I was outbid by a collector of this event. Entered by DWV on 6/13/2001.


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