Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. "An American Prayer"   US, 1915.

     An American Prayer
O Lord I implore thee to
bless all mankind  keep us from
all harm and bring us to
dwell with thee  Amen.
this prayer was send me and
is to be sent all over the
world. Copy it and see
what happens  It was said
in Jesus time that those
who would copy this prayer
would be delivered from
calmity, those who would
pass it by would meet
misfortune please copy
it and sent it to 9
friends.  in 9 days and you
would recieve great joy do
not breake the chain do
not sign name and on the 9
day your joy will come

Written in pencil on government issue postal card (Scott UX24). Postmarked on Apr. 26, 1915 in Reading, PA. Addressed to Miss Irene Dengler, 242 South 9 St., Reading, PA. No return address. Lines preserved. Sic "send me" for "sent to me", "sent it" for "send it", "calmity", "recieve", "breake", many missing periods and caps. Entered by DWV, Sept. 3, 2015.


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