Luck Chain Letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. ". . . see what happens." England, 1914.

Recived Dec 9, 1914
An Ancient Prayer
O. Lord Jesus I pray thee Bless
and keep us from all evil and
Make us to dwell with thee.
This prayer was sent to me.
it is being sent all over the
world. Copy it and see what
happens. It was said in Jesus time
that all who wrote this would
be delivered from all evel, but
all who passed it by would
meet with misfortune. Copy
it and send it to nine persons
in nine days and on the tenth
day you will meet with great
joy. Sent no name only
date when recieved dont
alter words or spelling
Please do not break the

Government issue postal card, 1/2 penny imprinted English stamp. Text written in black ink on undivided back, vertically, lines as above recorded. Machine postmarked 15 Dec. in Derby England. Addressed to Mrs Stevenson, 33 Hill street, Derby. Purchased by D. VanArsdale, ebay lot 1287471600, closing Oct. 29, 2001. Digitized on 11/23/01 by DWV.


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