Luck chain letter. Ancient prayer postcard. "see what happens." US, 1914.

      An Ancient Prayer
Oh Lord I implore thee to bless
all mankind. Help me to dwell
with thee for ever.

  This prayer is to be sent all
over the world. Copy it and see
what will happen. It is said
in Jesus time all who wrote
this prayer would be delivered
from all calamity and all who
passed it by would meet with
some misfortune. Copy within
nine days and send to nine if your
friends and on the ninth day you
will meet with some great joy.

Don't break the chain  sign
name of Day and month
only. Dont sign your own
Monday May 10, 1914.

Picture postcard (Flooded Mohawk 1913. From G.E. Works). Handwritten on left half of back. Lines preserved. Mailed to Mrs. William Luther, N. Market St., Johnstown, N.Y. Postmarked in Johnstown, N.Y. No return address. Ebay lot no. 1076427820. Purchased by DWV from Golden Opportunities, Milford, New Hampshire. Entered 3/9/2002 by DWV.


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