Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. "A Prayer". "Copy it and see what happens." US, 1914

A Prayer, - Oh Lord Jesus we pray Thee to Bless
us and keep us from all evil and to Bring us to
dwell with Thee.  This Prayer was sent to me
and is being sent all over the world.  Copy
it and see what happens.  It was said in
Jesus time that all who wrote it would be
delivered from all evil and that those who Passed it
by would meet with some misfortune.  You must
send it to 9 of your Friends within 9 days
and on the 10th you will meet with some
Joy.  Don't Break the chain  Don't sign
your name.    Date April

Postal card (Govt. issue, Scott UX24), handwritten on back.  Lines preserved. Postmarked April 27, 1914 in Rochester Mills, PA.  Sent anonymously to Mrs. Mary Goldenwood, Rochester Mills, PA. Ebay lot 1124840355 from seller in Pittsburgh, PA.  Readable from auction photos. Archived by D. VanArsdale, 3/19/2001.


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