Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. "see what happens."  US, 1914.

O Jesus our prayer implores thee to bless all
mankind & help us to dwell with thee. This
prayer was sent to me Mar 7, 1914 it is to be
sent all over the world. Copy & see what will
happen. It is said in the time of Jesus all
those copy it will be delivered from all
misfortune & those who pass it up will meet
with some great calamity. Those who copy
it in 9 days & send it to 9 persons will on
the 9 day receive some great joy.
Don't break chain. Sign no name,
only date received.

Written in black ink on divided back postcard (Creve Coeur Lake, St. Louis, Mo.).  Postcard postmarked in St. Louis, Mo. on March 14, 1914. Addressed to Mrs. Frank Rodman, 1426 Silverton, St. Louis, Mo.  Sic "all those copy it", "on the 9 day". Lines preserved. Provided by Alan L. Banks. Ebay lot 6282436244 closing on May 28, 2006. Entered by DWV on 6/10/06.


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