Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. "Only date received."  US, 1914.

An Ancient Prayer.
Our lord Jesus I implore thee
to bless all mankind and keep
me from all evil and bring us
all to dwell with thee.
  This prayer was sent to me
and was to be delivered all
over the world. Copy & see
what happens. It was
said in Jesus time that those
who copied it would be
saved from a calamity
& those who passed it by
would meet with misfortune
& those who sent it to nine
persons in nine days would
meet with great joy. Don't
break the chain. Sign no name
Only date received. Your joy
will come in nine days
                    Feb 12, 1914

Written in black ink on back left side of a Valentine postcard ("Each message bears my Love divine. Return me Yours, sweet Valentine."). Postmarked Feb. 14 , 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. Addressed to Miss Elsie Appla, 1617 E 32 St. N.E., Cleveland, O. No return address. Lines preserved above. Entered by DWV, 5/13/2012.


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