Luck chain letter. Ancient prayer postcard. ". . . see what happens." US, 1914.

"Ancient Prayer"  Feb. 9, 1913.
O Lord Jesus I implore thee to
bless all mankind.  Keep us from
all evil and take us to
dwell with thee.
    This prayer was sent to me. It is
to be sent all over the world. Copy
it and see what happens. It was at
the time of Jesus that all who wrote it
would be delivered from all calamity.
Whose who copy it and send it to
friends within 9 days will on the 9th
day meet with some great joy.
Sign no name, only date.
Please don't break the

Written in ink on address side of a picture postcard (a parade in Galveston, Texas).  Postmarked in Gainesville, Texas on Feb. 11, 1914. Addressed to Mill Allie Felts, Roanoke, Texas. Lines preserved. Ebay lot 120032778883 closing 9/23/06. Perhaps the date on the first line should read "Feb. 9, 1914" considering postmark.  Entered by DWV on 9/28/06.


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