Luck chain letter. Ancient prayer (letter). "see what happens." "Dont alter spelling."  US, 1914

     Galion, O.  Jan. 1/23/  1914!!
                    Dear Frend;

 An Ancient Prayer.
Oh. Lord Jesus I pray
thou to bless us and keep
us from Evil. and bring
us to dwell with thee.
This Prayer was sent to
me and is being sent
around the World. Copy
it and see wohat happens.
It is said that in Jesus time
that all who wrote the Prayer
would be delivered from all
Evil. but all who passed it
by would meet with some
great misfortune. Copy
it and send it to nine
Friends within nine days

[.............. back ...................]

                     No 2

and on the Tenth day you
will meet with some great

    Recieved by me Jan. 20.
  sent by me Jan. 23.

    Dont break chain
    Dont alter spelling.

Handwritten in black ink on 5.6 (top) by 7.8 inch lined paper (both sides).  Lines here as written. Letters in first line are problematic. Sic "Frend", "wohat". City at top looks like "Godion, O" - presumed "Galion, O." Supplied by Lyle Rhodeback, Johnstown, Ohio to D. VanArsdale (3/31/97).


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