Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. "Make a wish"  US, 1913.
Make a wish.  An ancient Prayer.
O Lord Jesus I implore thee to bless
all man kind & keep from all Evil
Take us to dwell with thee Amen
This Prayer was sent to me Jan 21, 1913
and is to be sent all over the world.
Copy it & see what will happen. It was
said in Jesus time all who wrote
it were delivered from all calamity
Those who passed by were to meet
with misfortune. Those who copied
it within 9 Days & mailed to 9 friends
will and the 9th Day  receive some
great Joy dont break the Chain
and Sign no name

 Real photo postcard (squirrel on park bench), not mailed. Addressed to Miss Esnel, 5455 Leland Av, Chicago, Ill.  Text written in black ink on divided back. Lines preserved. Prayer cordoned off with lines. Sic "dont". Acquisition data lost. Re-entered by DWV, 12/23/2012.


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