Luck chain letter (postcard)   Ancient Prayer  "those who it passed by ..."   US, 1912.
     An Ancient Prayer
Oh Lord Jesus I implore thee
to bless all mankind and keep us
from evil and take us to dwell with thee
___   __      __        __         __

This Prayer was sent by me and
is to be sent all over the world
so copy it and send to 9 of your
friends within 9 days and on the
9th day you will receive some great
joy it was said in Jesus time
all who wrote it would be delivered
from misfortune and those who
it passed by would meet with
some great calamity when
writting make a wish it is for
your good luck do not break
the chain do not sygn your

Picture postcard (M. E. PARSONAGE   PRAIRIEVIEW). Postmarked in Michigan, 1912. Other text on postmark not legible. Addressed to Mrs. Addie Watkins (?), Hastings, Mich, Market St. Address and text written in pencil. Lines preserved. Sic: no periods, "writting" twice, "sygn" for sign. Entered by DWV, 2-21-2017.


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