Luck chain letter (postcard).   "An Ancient Prayer"  "This prayer was sent to me and is to go around the world."  US. 1912.
An Ancient Prayer
Oh Lord Jesus I implore Thee, bless all mankind and keep us from all evil and take us to dwell with Thee eternally. Amen.
This prayer was sent to me and is to go around the world.
It was said in Jesus' time that those who wrote it would be delivered from calamity, and those who pass it be would meet misfortunes.
Those who copy it in nine days and send it to nine friends will on the ninth day experience great joy.
Do not break the chain.

Published: The Allentown Democrat (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Sept. 12, 1912, p. 1.
Post Cards Also Contain Promises of 'Great Joy' After Nine Days.
"Several years ago, through the medium of postal cards, an endless chain 'campaign of prayer' was inaugurated in this city. The 'campaign' caused the postal authorities so much trouble that an end was put to it after several weeks. A similar movement has been started in this city within the past several days and those who have received the cards are wondering how long it will last. ¶ On the cards that are being sent out now appears the following, under the caption:"  [text]   Entered by DWV, Sept. 17, 2014.


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