Luck chain letter (postcard).  Ancient Prayer.  "Our Prayer"  "... bring us to walk with thee."  US, 1912.
                                    July 26, 1912
Our Prayer

 "Oh Lord Jesus I implore
thee to bless all mankind
and to  keep us from
all evil and bring us
to walk with Thee.
This prayer was sent
to me and is to be
sent all over the world.

Copy it and see what
happens. It was said
that in Jesus time
all who wrote it would
be kept from misfortune.
All who passed it by
would meet with some
great misfortune. Those
who copy it for 9 persons
within 9 days shall on the
9th day recieve some
great joy. Don't break
the chain. Sign no
name only the date
recieved.     July 25 -1912

Postal card (UX24) postmarked on July 27, 1912 in Marion, Ind. Addressed to Mrs. Florence (?) Houffer, Marion, Ind.  22nd & Home Ave. No return address. Hand written in black ink. Lines preserved above. Copied from an eBay lot. Sic "recieve, recieved". Entered by DWV, June 27, 2014.


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