Luck chain letter.  "An Ancient Prayer"  " ..., and those who failed would suffer severe misfortune."  "Copy all I have written."   US, 1912.
An Ancient Prayer
Oh! Jesus I implore Thee to deliver all mankind and keep us from evil and take us to dwell with Thee eternally.
This prayer was sent too me and is to be sent all over the world. Copy it and send it to nine friends. Sign no name and see what it will bring you. It was said that in Jesus' time that all who wrote the prayer would be delivered from all calamity and those who failed would suffer severe misfortune. Start today. Send it to someone for nine days. In nine days you will receive some great joy.
Copy all I have written.

Published: Wichita Daily Times (Wichita Falls, Texas), July 2, 1912, p. 8.
Copy of Ancient Prayer Declared to Bring Good Luck to Write is Found in Letter.   Special to the Times.
"The latest appeal to the superstition of the people has reached residents of this place, carrying with it the usual promises of good luck if complied with and threat of disaster if disregarded. It follows:"  [text]   Entered by DWV, Sept. 21, 2014.


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