Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer. "This prayer was sent to one and all, over the world."  "Commence the day you receive it ..."  US, 1912.
O Lord, I implore Thee to keep me from all evil and take us to dwell with You eternally.  Amen.
This prayer was sent to one and all, over the world.
Copy it and send it to nine friends and sign no name. See what it will bring you. It was sent in Jesus' time and all those who wrote would be delivered from all calamities, but those who did not pass it along would receive some misfortune. Commence the day you receive it and send it to nine friends, one each day, and the ninth day you will receive some great joy.
Don't break the chain.

Published: The Sun (New York, New York), May 26, 1912, p. 10.
" ...One of the chain letters received recently in a New Jersey town was:"  [text]  "We learn from the Berkshire Courier that many residents of western Massachusetts have recently been urged to maintain the chain, and that the majority of those to whom the prayer has come has complied with the request and sent out the nine letters."    Entered by DWV, Sept. 11, 2014.


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