Luck chain letter (postcard). "An Ancient Prayer"  "Those who copy it within nine days and send it to nine friends would on the ninth day ..."   US, 1912.
An Ancient Prayer
This prayer was sent to me and is to be sent all over the world. Copy it and see what happens. It is said in Jesus' time all who wrote this prayer would be delivered from all calamity, and all who passed it by would meet with misfortune.  those who copy it within nine days and send it to nine friends would on the ninth day receive great joy. Do not bread the chain. Sign no name, just date when received.

Published: The News (Frederick, Maryland), May 13, 1912, p. 2.
Prayer on Cards Alarming to Folk in This Section
... Is on 'Endless Chain' Plan. ... Mails Flooded in Various Sections.
"Now and then some people have told about the mysterious cards they have received and the facts have come to light. It appears that the cards have been circulating among all classes and just a day or so ago a colored boy, who carries out from one of the local stores, received one of the cards also. While he feared the message of warning, he showed the note all around and refused to carry out the chain. A great many ladies have received these postcards and without saying anything to anybody sent their cards to the nine friends, as asked. It is evident that the chain has been extended among all classes of people to this section and the authorities threaten to start an investigation. The cards are sent unsigned, which renders it difficult for the postal authorities to trace their source, and now that it has been so long since the originator of the scheme started the chain it will be hard to locate the party. ... A woman living near Pen-Mar did not write her nine cards as requested, and one of her calves died. She believes her failure to send out the cards was responsible for her loss." ...  [text]   Entered by DWV, Sept. 21, 2014.


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