Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer (letter). "...see what it will bring."  US, 1912.

     And Ancient Prayer

O Lord Jesus I implore
Thee to deliver mankind
and keep us from evil
and take us to dwell
with thee eternally.

This Prayer was sent to
me and it is to be
sent all over the world.
Copy it and send to
nine friends.
Sign no name
and see what it will
bring you.

.............. [page break]...................

It was said in Jesus
time that all who
wrote this Prayer
would be delivered
from all calamities
but those who
failed to send it
would suffer misfor-
Commence the day you
get this and for nine
days copy and send
to some one and see
what joy you will
Do not break the

Letter written in pencil on two sheets of lined paper, 7 7/8" by 5". Envelope postmarked in Magnolia, Ark. on May 6, 1912.  Addressed to Miss Ruth Bate[s], Magnolia, Ark., RFD #3. No return address. Lines preserved. Sic "And Ancient Prayer".  Purchased on Ebay. Entered by DWV, 4/23/09.


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