Luck Chain Letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. Do not leak the chain. No see what happens. US, 1912.

5. 5. 1912. An Ancient Prayer
Oh Lord implore thee Bless all mankind
and Keep us to dwell with the Eternally.
this was sent to me. Copy and send
to mine friends and it is said on
the ninth day you will recieve A
great Blessing sign no name.
  do no leak the Chain.

  sign only date recieved  4. 13.1912.

Government issued post card (UX22) postmarked on May 10, 1912 in Kirksville, Missouri. Addressed to Mrs. Will Hughes, Kirksville, Mo. R. R. #7.
Hand written in black ink. Lines preserved. Sic "the" (instead of thee), "mine" friends, "recieve", "recieved".
Purchased on eBay for $5.
Entered by DWV, 7/26/2020.


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