Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. "... only date."  Dated by letter - NOT postmark.  US, 1912.

                     April 22, 1912
     An Ancient Prayer

Oh Lord Jesus I implore Thee
to bless all mankind and
Keep us from all Evil and
take us to dwell with thee
eternally. This prayer was
sent to me and must be
sent all over the world. Copy
it and see what will happ-
en. it was said in Jesus time
that all who copyed it would
be delivered from all calami
ty and those who pass it by
would meet with misfortune.
Those who copy it nine days
in succession and send to
nine friends will on the ninth
day receive some great Joy.
Please do not break the chain. No
name is signed only date
Dont fail to copy nine times.

Undivided government issue postcard (UX22), postmarked April 25, 1912 in Pine Grove Mills, PA. Addressed to Mrs. Sallie Biswell,  Pine Grove Mills, Pennsylvania. No return address. Text in handwritten script, black ink, very faded. Lines preserved. Sic "copyed".  Nonstandard cases and word division. Entered by DWV, 8-18-2010. Using 4/22 as on card for file name - another CL was mailed on 4/25.


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