Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer.  "..all over the world."  "It was said in Jesus' time ..."   "...state the day received."   US, 1912.
Lord Jesus, I implore Thee to bless all mankind. Keep us from all evil and take us to dwell with Thee eternally. This prayer is being sent all over the world. Please copy it and see what will happen. It was said in Jesus' time, all who will write this prayer will be delivered from all calamity.
Those who do not, or who hesitate, will meet with some awful misfortune. Those who will send it for nine days to nine friends will on the ninth day receive great joy. Please do not break the chain. Sign no name but state the day received.

Published: New Castle News. (New Castle, Pennsylvania), April 19, 1912, p. 9.  ENDLESS CHAIN PRAYER SCHEME IS BEING WORKED "Some of the nonsensical farces carried on under the name of religion take one back to the days of superstition and witchcraft. Just now one of the farces being inflicted upon the people of the community is an "ancient prayer,  endless chain" letter that is finding its way into the hands of many. A copy of the letter follows:" [text]  "There is no fault to find with the sentiment expressed in the prayer, but such anonymous communications have a tendency to do much more harm than good. They cause unnecessary fear and anxiety among those who hold to superstitions that influence their lives."  Entered by DWV, July 29, 2014.


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